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Music lessons in Person & online

Music is for life…and for fun!

Violin and Viola

Violin and viola teaching is traditional (Galamian inspired), incorporating Suzuki. Students will progress through the RIAM or ABRSM grades and take exams if desired. (suitable for beginners aged 4+ to advanced students)

Guitar & Piano

 Guitar lessons are available for beginners and intermediate students.

Piano is also available for beginners. 

Group and Theory

In addition to individual tutoring, I offer paired or group lessons when suitable, pre-instrumental music, music theory training and string ensemble camps. Please contact me for more information.

about Me

I have been teaching music for over 30 years privately and at primary, secondary and third levels. My goals for students are that they enjoy learning whilst progressing and develop a life-long love for music and competence in it.iesI also taught violin at 4 primary schools in Dublin, and pre-instrumental music at another. The orchestra at Our Lady’s National Girls’ School was selected to be part of the Primary Ensemble Project of the National Concert Hall. In New York I taught specialist music from infants through 2nd year as well as teaching students at third level for their degrees. In addition, I have done resource teaching for children with special needs who were mainstreamed and others, which broadened my teaching perspectives in working with neurodivergencies and disabilities.

I moved to Dublin from New York with my family in 2012.  My grandfathers, from Sligo and Monaghan, were trad musicians well known in their localities, so my father strongly encouraged my love of music, which allowed me to start on guitar at 6, classical violin at 9, and trad fiddle at 10. Years of playing grades followed (NYSSMA competitions in solo violin, viola, cello, and voice, as well as string ensembles and madrigals ensemble, etc.) as well as leading award winning school orchestras.  I graduated with a BA in Music from the Fredonia School of Music with a concentration on teaching instrumental music (all string orchestra instruments and most band instruments) and training in vocal and specialist music. 

In addition to my experience teaching music, in Dublin, I have played with the Co-Orch for the past several years, raising money for charities. I have played violin professionally with the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra  in Pennsylvania, the Glens Falls Symphony, and the Schenectady Symphony. I also led the music department at a church in New York, working with amateur and professional musicians of all ages. 

A Few Common Questions

How much do lessons cost?

That info will be posted here shortly. Contact me for details.

When and How Do I Pay?

Payment may be made bank transfer, Revolut, cash or cheque, and must paid in full before or at the first lesson. Returning students may pay half at the first lesson, and half one month later.


When Do Courses Begin?

Terms begin the first week of  September and the third week of January. Admission to lessons is on a rolling basis when there is availability, with a prorated fee to match. Places tend to fill up quickly, however.

Just Curious?

I will gladly provide a free lesson so you and your child can meet with me, and decide whether it is a good fit for all of us.

Let’s Start a Conversation 

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